I'm Not Yours Anymore

Tributes to Lovers

I'm not yours anymore.


You don't own my body;
my skin has lost
the smell of you.


You can't come
see me anymore;
my eyes don't recall
the sight of you.


You can no longer
possess my kiss;
my lips forgot
the taste of you.


I'm not yours anymore,
but somehow I find
it impossible to
unattach myself from you.


You are still in
the back of mind,
in the quiet of my heart.


Though not physical,
my emotions continue
to belong to you.


My feelings centered on you
like they have been
all this time.


I can't move on
knowing you are
thinking of me.


And when you say hello,
I know it's because
you remembered me.


I'm still the shy girl
no one noticed
until you.


I'm wrapped in memories
of how you built up
my confidence.


You changed me
for the better,
and I'm indebted to you.


But I'm not yours anymore.


There came a point where
I had to distance myself
to protect my wellbeing.


And I hope I can
keep walking away
until you are no longer
in my periphery.

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Don't Stay

Please go. :)