False Intimacy

My Broken Heart

It means nothing, does it?


You could hold my face

and look into my eyes,

but do you even see me?


Your gaze is lust-laced;

your kiss is driven

by a passion that 

does not belong to me. 


It's all fake, isn't it?


This flawed perspective

that makes me think

this connection could be 

more than physical.


In the same breath

that you called me beautiful,

you will leave me

because that's not enough.


It wasn't worth it, was it?


I wasn't worth it, was I?


I knew it before it started

but somehow I let it get here

knowing rejection would befall me. 


It always ends in pain;

I wanted you to pursue me

all the while knowing

the chase ends in heartbreak.

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georgeschaefer's picture

I think we all know someone

I think we all know someone like that.  Good poem.