Wish You Well



For months I harbored 

resentment against you

that it infected everything I did.


It influenced all my decisions

that I couldn't focus 

on the truth anymore.


I fell for these lies

that made me forget you 

if only for the night.


I cried my last tear for you

because I can't keep 

drowning like this.


I wished you well

because I had nothing 

left to say.

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lyrycsyntyme's picture

It's funny how we can become

It's funny how we can become so affected, that we can turn and travel a long way down a road we never would have wanted to. Once we come to we can see it is wrong for us, we try desperately to find our way back to the straighter path. All because we were driven off course by the painful feelings and the overcorrecting we do to try to convince ourselves we're overcoming an separation we haven't gotten over.


I really connect with what you wrote. Though your words and life, they speak of a very personal struggle in mine.