Love Blossoms

I remember the first time we fooled around. I was so ashamed of my wanton lust that I cried as I tried to wash off your odor from my skin. Fast forward several months. My lust has somehow consumed me since. Now I lie in the scent of freshly-fucked sheets and savor the smell. It's so intoxicating. I bask in it and replay the memory in my mind. Your hands all over me as I rode your cock. Like a kid at a carnival, I just didn't want to get off. I rode you through two orgasms. And then I rested my head on your chest and stared at you some more. Such a marvel of masculinity. I love this part just as much as the sex. The witty banter and me giggling into your neck. You imitating my pouting as you prepare to leave and me aching to preserve this moment forever. Because you make me happy. So happy it hurts. So happy that it brings tears to my eyes as I write this. I am forever yours.

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