Love Myself

The thought of losing people
destroys me
so I hang on too tight
or hold loosely
in the fear they will leave.


My lack of self-love
comes across
and my clingliness
scares people away.


I know why they walk away.
I know why they can't
stand to be around me.


Even I exhaust myself


I haven't learned how
to love myself yet
and it gets harder
every year
to accept who I am.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: "Love Yourself First" by R.M. Drake

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If for your poetic

If for your poetic achievement, alone, you ought to love yourself.



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Loving self isn't the easiest

Loving self isn't the easiest of things. I think it is practice. For me sitting and having the talk with my heart and not necessarily my ego self helps. My heart is always there beating and for that I am grateful. So I talk to my heart and apologize for being such a dink and my heart in response to soft speak, responds with warms and I thank it. Takes the ego pressure off a bit when practicing how to love self better. (I'm no expert nor perfect nor master of any of this, just working to treat self better. Have noticed real differences when practice is practiced.)


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