Alcohol doesn't take away

emotional pain.


It makes you forget the pain

for a night.


It numbs you,

but it doesn't erase anything.


Come morning,

the pain is right where 

you left it.


You will have to face it

whether you like it or not.


You are just extending

the period of grief 

by turning to alcohol.

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The hard way

Many have to learn this the hard way. I know I have. I still drink sometimes. And some of those sometimes are times when I am trying to escape my feelings. Upon reflection, I guess I do it because the pain is always so fresh, I just want it to go away for that night or that day. It calms me and relaxes me and I don't have to think for a little while. Then I come back to my pain the next day, with a slower mind, and a killer hangover. It still sucks, but evey great once in awhile I really feel like I have no other option than to just turn it off for a moment, just for a little bit, to not feel before I will have to feel again and face it all in an effort to resolve. I try not to get stuck in the trap of making this a habit, and for the most part I succeed. I don't think it's always such a bad thing, I just think it makes us human.

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It is a drug and should be banned. The world would be different as in soooooo much better for children and adults. - allets -




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Prohibition didn't work the first time. It wouldn't work again.