Divine Revelation

I am one with the sky and earth

trees move with me 

sweat trickles down my forehead

makes me remember that I'm still alive

I'm still breathing

I'm still moving

I'm still here 

as much as I don't want to be here

as much as I'd rather be in paradise 

with my creator than in this living hell

But he still wants me here

for some reason

My work here is not done

and even though I'd rather be anyone else right now

I'm still me

I can't be anyone else

I can't escape myself

I have to be me

I have accept myself

because he has accepted me

and made me as I am

and he doesn't make mistakes

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Been there. Find it easier to

Been there. Find it easier to manage life with gratitude in my heart. Universe seems to respond in kind. Enjoyed the read. I can relate. 

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