A Crazy Ride


We were driving
down the interstate
in a downpour
listening to some oldies. 


You almost swerved off the road
when I said something sarcastic
and you looked over at me
with that familiar smirk.


And I wondered what you saw
when you stared into my eyes
as I clusily swept my hair

behind my ear.


You told me about your past
leaving no detail out
because you were thinking
I would be your future.


And I wanted the same,
but I was scared
of feeling something
that was foreign to me.


It's been a crazy ride
but I'm glad I'm on it with you,
holding your hand
through all the bumps and detours.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: "All Too Well" by Taylor Swift

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Cool Aventure Write

Love is like that - "bumps and detours." Best wishes ~allets~