The Upper Hand


We hold our cards close
thinking by doing so
we will end up winning,
but that's our fatal flaw.


Your hand is not determined
by the cards you're dealt
but in how you play them.


So lay them down and let
the chips fall where they may,
hopeful that they will
be in your favor.


You've heard the dealer can't lose,
but the tables will turn
and you'll have the upper hand.


Your circumstances
are not your destiny;
your outlook is what
determines your future.


You are in control of your life;
don't let anyone else
rewrite your story.

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KindredSpirit's picture

I like it

Can I have another.
Thank you.

allets's picture

To Life I Rant

To life i rant, "shut up and deal!

life rants back

"you messed up what I gave you

the last fifty four times."

'i know, but i know better now."

The dealer put the cards

back in the box and said

as he walked away, "You

said that before you played

the last fifty hands."


Enjoyed this one. Bid Whist anyone?