It's so ironic how the person
that says they don't want
to see your heart broken
is the one that breaks it
every single damn day.


You heard me cry today
but what about all the times
that I cried silently
in your presence?


You aren't very observant
if you can't hear
my quiet sobs
with a turned face.


Or maybe it's worse than that,
maybe you notice
and you don't care.


But when you think
someone else made me cry
then you want to know
what happened.


You ruined me years ago
for everyone that would meet me,
for all those who would
try to love me.


I couldn't trust them
to treat me any better
because pain was all I knew.

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At Times Like This

I consider lovers, real lover, courteous lovers, patient, kind, attuned to the other's every mood and need. A lifetime of that should be the due of every human. To love and be loved back with total commitment. It's a dream I have - Lady A -