The Process of Writing

The process of writing,

the progression of a poem,
looks something like this:


I write ideas down,
short phrases really,
or song titles
and set them aside.
Then I wait until
inspiration hits
or I get sad enough
to pick up the pen.


I try to remember
the emotion of that moment
and finish the thought.


Sometimes by then
the wounds have healed
but I'll pull the stitches apart
for the sake of the art.


I'll let the bleeding begin again
just to write this poem
on the pain that sparked the idea.


I'll dwell on the past
in an attempt to find an excuse
to cut my wrists.


If the inspiration
was based on song lyrics,  
I play that sad tune on repeat.


I study the words
long enough to memorize them,
than let the music flow through me.


It may be out of vanity
or the pursuit of pity,
but everything I write
is written with tears.


I could tell you every time
someone broke my heart
but in the end I broke it myself
to give the pain a home.


Maybe I'm self-destructive,
but I thrive on that empty feeling
when I start to fall apart; 

it makes me feel alive.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: "The Pianist" by Levi the Poet

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I really like this

I really like this