Pain Is Here


Your parents blame you
for their life's outcome,
but you are not at fault
for their mistakes.


Still you let their words
get under your skin,
becoming part of you,
corrupting your heart.


Lonely and tear-filled nights
have become commonplace
as you grip the pillow to keep
from scaring your wrists.


You keep up appearances
in the morning light,
never letting them see
how deep your wounds are.


But at the dead of night
in the silence of your room
you pour out the pain
that's built up inside.


This routine hurts but
it's easier to let them
believe you're going through
a phase than the truth.


The fact is you don't know
how you keep waking up
when your soul has been
broken to the core.


Battered and bruised
by the people who are
supposed to protect you
from the horrors of life.


Pain lives in your home
and he comes for you
like a stalker every night
and he will never stop. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by "The Last Night" by Skillet

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I know

I know how this person is feeling. good work thanks for sharing.