50 Shades

1. I'm insecure.
2. I'm a control freak.
3. I'm a hoarder.
4. I'm cheap. 
5. I'm mean for no reason.
6. I have no friends. 
7. I lie a lot.
8. I can't look people in the eye.
9. I like to see others fail.  
10. I'm always worried.
11. I stress out often.
12. I'm scared of socializing.
13. I am usually very shy.
14. I hate to be ignored.
15. I become irriated quickly.
16. I have no patience.
17. I'm paranoid.   
18. I'm lazy.
19. I'm clumsy.
20. I faint all the time.
21. I get nervous easily.
22. I sweat profusely.
23. I have anger issues.
24. I cry too much.
25. I can't stand my family.
26. I have a weird sense of humor.
27. I'm a shopaholic.  
28. I like to eat junk food.
29. I don't like to be touched.
30. I'm selfish.
31. I only think about myself. 
32. I'm a stalker.
33. I have road rage.
34. I don't believe anyone loves me. 
35. I don't show my feelings.
36. I didn't have a boyfriend until age 21.
37. I suck at relationships.
38. I am always fishing for compliments.
39. I expect to be catered to.
40. I'm a horrible kisser.
41. I care only about my pleasure. 
42. I'm a virgin.
43. I've been verbally abused.
44. I've been the other woman.
45. I don't let anyone see me naked.   
46. I hate so many things about my body.
47. I'm overweight.
48. I have skin that breaks out often.
49. I have hair that is frizzy and oily.
50. I'm not attractive.


I'm 50 shades of messed up.

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