Beautiful Creations

God (Inspired by)

My entire life
I have hated others,
never seeing value
in other people.


I oversimplified them,
distorting their purpose
into merely providing
a means to an end. 


If I couldn't use and
abuse them as desired,
they were deemed as
worthless to me.


Then one day I was told
that they were made
in the image of God
and everthing changed.


God breathed His spirit
into us and made each
with a soul that feels
and deserves love.


All of us are
beautiful creations
crafted carefully
by a master sculptor.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by the following passage in "The Reason" by Lacey Strum
"I had hated people so much. I had oversimplified them; I had judged, condemned, ridiculed, perverted, abused and used them. It was like I'd spent so much time spitting on God's art and calling it worthless."

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I Need This Poem

I catch myself thinking cruel and unkindly of someone, then I remember, if I think it of them, I think it of God. I asked forgiveness for all the hate and joylessness from others and I forgave those who hated and challenged my joy. It is a hard path to walk some days - Lady A