Upside Always Down II: Skeleton Pill & The Aztec Escalator

Run-On Sentences

   And blue monkeys in swirl wirl pure toadstool stepping stone polaroid android breast emplanted green envy rock roll blue bleen green yellow orange red pencap notebook stained sweat brown court lee spelled backwards upwards side updown when yellow green blue purple head dress guess money talking words spill out through gutterly morning green grey as hash pure yellow bell and asking quest of pure clueless necessary aardvark wierd pen pinpound of gore and whisper skelton on tippie toe bone dripshred elbow dance tree tease & party whimsical melon spelling bee string of guitar model Aztec technological geography stand still as death blue cold warm temperature point pill wierdpoint wordly and score goals moodily moon school board cardboard wheel repeating breathlip fuzz tongue marrow gold sea dress grab crab by the throat bloating skeleton ribcage blind mime scaling blessed by green grey envy as if on their tippie toes blue moon setting still ocean seasick amoeba column on board deck helm spelling bee green envy grey hold in the sky space collide with eleven and green morrow marrow sixty ninetynine blue moon rising escalator railing facing naked killing woodworm escalator special huints to hullabaloo bear file cabinet desk breaking cabin door of perception perperating sweat drain file cabinet sink faucet head bang shop hat elbow tree Aztec gold ringfly off escalating starecase fall free born bird fly fleas in spelling bees escalator motioning to momentum slowly accumulating space born stars and galaxies of moronic breath taking wormhole nebula spaceship free skeleton on the loose without pants or substance abuse vagina flopflow curl elbow eleven green envy on arrest call woodworm well water oil can bring needy wordy lying lexington wig head hat spelled on their tippie toes of scoring goals and goalies rubbing tummies and thinking pencap skeleton shoeshine werl word stripe glass melon papercut heaven hell of escalating elevator eleven updown and alwauys upside down nausea in paranoia hallucinating wordiness on their tippie toes blue toadstool in the well in drowning tone brown lip tongue breathlessness cold wind breathmint in barcode backpack striped skeleton pill box released and escalating upside and on occasion down always inward breathtaken green nausea jean jacket cold winter sun summer elbow tree fresh lawn just mown yawn in releasing jawharp escalator fluid blue cup glass green grey envy spellbinding wire hook blue moon spring setting in like a sunset of sunburning and escalating elevator bore a child nude on their tippie toes water well and well enough alone and bonedry high and healing peel box pill skeleton on their tippietoes upside and on occasion downside passionistic elevating escalator of cruel irony on lefties handlebar sneaker skin left behind well enough alone in holes untold unknown spellbound ground up green envious in stripe glass melon on their tippie toes of Aztec teeth strewn and slowly in dramatic escalation ever new old grey bold Aztec in blue spelling bee of upside and on occasion always down

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