My poem for Happy


That Happy Chica

She's a beauty that's easy to see,

deep inside is a story unseen.

With her witty charm and cunning smarts,

I loved her personality from the start.

How could anyone not see,

just how special you are to me?

( I only pale in comparison to who you are,

if you ever need me I won't be far!!)

Her talent for poetry is truely unique,

another part of her vast mystique.

Her openess and honesty are beyond compare,

she has a love for life--a true flare!!

I am so lucky that we met,

a friend for life you can bet!!

So this is for you my happy pal,

you are one smart, sexy gal!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Miss Marcia Ellen:)

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vipervenomnu's picture

I want to read her poetry to. Good tribute.