Congressional Mishaps

The television bellows out war,

Liberty we must stand tall for.

Pack your bags, kiss families goodbye,

Their last look, don't let them see you cry.

Plenty of time for that on foreign soil,

When you realize you'll die only for the oil.

Willing hearts now left to bleed,

For goodness crumples with signatures of greed.

Here, no moral is too sacred,

When guns protect us in our beds.

Faith traded in for this weapon,

Oh Lord, what have we done?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

dedicated to all the soldiers who fight for the right reasons.

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Danniel Lennax's picture

Good piece...

Thank you for taking the time to read and critique my poetry/lyrics. You may want to read "The Danger Zone on my site, if you haven't already.

You are an expressive writer. Keep it up.

Your new Friend in the world...


Dino Nuhija's picture

WOW, this gets better, I'm not picking on you, but i really do like this and most of your work. Keep writing, only good things shall rise.

Pamela Lawrence's picture

...and boths sides always want to make God the captain of their team don't they. Good job Melissa.