Spring Without Flowers

Love and all that

The thought of going through it

All over again

Puts my heart in deep agony

The agony of pursuing a shadow

Reminds me of the footprints

That time has etched

Deep inside my heart

It brings back to my memories

The time when

Spring was in the air

But it was autumn in my heart

When he had taken shelter

In the warmth of her arms

When I had had to say "Goodbye"

With a smile on my face

But tears in the treasury of my heart

He now returns

And its spring once again

But he has returned

With a different face

And the smile,

Which had set my heart at a pace

Is there once again

I can see him beckoning

And I take a step forward

Only to realize that

There is a woman

Standing right behind me

He has left me in agony once again

With a smile again on my face

I find myself speechless

With tears in the treasury of my heart

Waiting for the advent of another spring

Without flowers..once again!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written on Aug 29, 2001 in IMT. (10 pm)

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The last para is a gud one.