To Say or Not to Say

To say or not to say ‘I love you’,

That is the question appearing like a déjà vu,

Over and over again,

Bringing for me unbearable pain.


Sometimes I think in the affirmative,

Sometimes my mind gets negative,

The three diamond-like-precious words fail,

To reach my mouth as if they were in jail!


Yet gain courage I every night,

To tell her ‘I love you’, that’s rightttttttttt.

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and_hera_met_zeus's picture

i hope u already told her,

i hope u already told her, but if not, here's my philosophy on the subject.  lives are very short and can end at any moment.  wouldn't you prefer  she  knew how you felt, just in case tyou never see eachother again?   even so, the first time you say it seems to require a special moment, so wait for that moment when  your heart is so swelled with love for her that it practically dlips out on its own.

bishu's picture

Don't wait long Bondhu...

Tell "her" immediately with extended arms.... As WS "It is better to have loved and be lost than never to have loved.." Love is painful if unexpressed. Nice write ~B~



KingofWords's picture

Thank you

Thank you so much my esteemed friend. :)