Nature knows no plagiarism,

Original it was,

Original it still is,

It is only humans who plagiarism cause!



We have been imitating nature,

And its maneuvers since the beginning,

Of the human race,

That very procedure seems never-ending!


To be honest plagiarism has saved us,


As science copies natural formulas and create thus!

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We are nature too. Are we not?  So, maybe nature is plagiarizing itself. ??

Copyright © morningglory

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Yes, that's rational as well! In fact, I tried to indicate the universe and its awesomeness, the way it functions and so on. It does not need to imitate anything. Whereas, the humans copy nature and try to create something. For instance, seeing the flying-bird, people began to think and believe that they could make a vehicle, which could fly and they eventually became successful! Smile