Sylhet International University is the Best!

North or south, east or west,

Sylhet International University is the best!

The spacious campus is blessed with the scenic beauty,

The natural carpet and the beautiful greenery!


Right after graduating from this campus,

The students serve the nation and the world thus,

We take pride in being a part of SIU,

Which is the safe home of creating something NEW!


May Sylhet International University reach new stature!

May it enlighten everyone with the light of knowledge ever!

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Mornings spent in wood paneled

classrooms, walking granite

halls, beneath vaulted ceilings

stained with artificial age, 

imitations of old masters.


Cornerstones weathered by

hundreds of graduations,

statues of benefactors 

and patrons niched like

presidents carved in

a mountain side, stern

faced professors, serious

as five star generals,

books growing from 

the wrists of freshmen

and fresh women.


Stella Crews









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That's simply wonderful dear Allets! :)