Muhammad Ali: Rest in Peace

Muhammad Ali was the name,

Boxing was his game,

He was the best,

He was the greatest!


He was the essence,

Of undying confidence,

Played elegantly ever,

Became the amazing achiever!



Of all the champions he stood tallest,


May in peace his soul ever rest!

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A well-timed homage

to the one & only MA



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Thank you

Yes, he is the greatest! 

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"I Float

like a butterfly and sting like a bee." We howled then used his example to do that too. He was a poet-warrior, revolutionary, a Black civil rights activist. He win in the London Olympics, came home and was refused service in a restaurant. He threw the medal in the river. He was finally given conscientuous objector status after imprisonment for refusing to fight in Vietnam Nam . He has stood with Presidents, Queens, the famous, and states persons all over the world. Rest in peace, Cassius Clay (slave name) and Black Muslim (orthodox Muslim) Mohammed Ali.


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Thank you

Thank you a lot. :)