Nigeria, we hail thee,
The Nation of the brave,
with wealth invaluable,
a confluence of many.

Ten decades are gone-by,
The visions of our fathers yet unseen,
How much longer shall we wait,
For the UHURU they’d fought for?

A century into existence,
We still struggle for a common ground,
Our potentials yet untapped,
And our wealth still for a few.

Nigeria we hail thee,
A galaxy of milk and honey,
but crumbled in cacophony,
When shall this scorn be over?
When will every life count and matter,
When will the ordinary man,
Begin to such of your milk,
And the masses lick from your honey?

Nigeria, we hail thee.
A magical nation of the blacks,
Surviving all odds and pressures,
War, flood and now Terrorism.
Let your resilient spirit awake,
As your unity is still a mystery.


Nigeria we hail thee,
But hear the cries of your children,
And the yearnings of Nigerians,
Give us light, food and Security,
And we shall hail thee till eternity,
And your call obey,
Even for another century to come.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Nigeria! Oh, that the vision of our founders, may not die in our own time.

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palewingedpoetess's picture

Just Beautiful.............

I adore reading the pride one has in their homeland. You are a great son of Nigeria to write such a loving tribute to his Mother land. To read your work just now made my heart smile. I've always said no matter where you come from be proud of it. Share with us more of your insights and heart felt memories of your country. Let her beauty outshine the darkness the news has been reporting.............So very sincerely, Melissa Lundeen.