If Only I Knew

If only I knew,

That the Heaven is firm,

And the earth won't fall,

In spite of the lightening,

And the following thunder,

If only I knew,

That the dog only barks,

And that it can't bite,

That the dead lion can't harm,

Surely, i would've been calm.

If only I knew,

That the storm would be over,

That that tears dont last all day,

That there's an end to the dark tunnel,

Then, I would've not been stuned,

If only I knew,

That weeping only last a night,

But joy comes in the morning of it,

Not withstanding how hard I try,

I understand on how to cry.

If only I knew,

That though its seem I'm lonely,

I'm never alone, even in the jungle,

Even all around me is the shadow of death,

I should relax and fear no evil.

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a delightful poem... a necklace of parables