They murmur at his movement,

From the zoo to a zone,

Disjoining the cage’s padlocks,

To join a party.

The zoo monkeys groaned,

As one of them got the ticket,

To run into the Rock’s gate,

Where a general graced,

The zoo gorillas groaned:

“This gorilla   was a general.

And his injection is “still active;

He may turn a dictator,”

But their voice was in vain,

‘Cos the gorilla said it was God’s will,

To move out of the prison,

To practice in the Palace,

And clean the pollution in the nation.

So the zoo gorillas kept silent,

To watch the situation of the State,

But all they see is commotion,

As corruption seized the nation,

And the economy sees corrosion.

‘Cos the gorilla for deregulation,

Causing unnecessary vexation,

Instead of the needed relaxation,

So much terror in his tenure.

The freed-gorillas kept flying for free,

Flying from jet to jet,

From Freetown to France,

Seeking finance and free fund,

But all they get was forced loan,

What we wanted was democracy,

But what we get is demonstration of craze,

‘Cos the demons crawled to the dome,

Inflicting terror in this tenure,

The house went wild,

And turned home of “slappers,”

The Assembly where senators sit,

To say something sensible,

Became the seat for senior “eater,”

Forgetting the fate of their followers,

And the umbrella meant for the people,

Only covers those in the palace,

Who are partying with our cake,

Dividends divided among the demons,

With the gorilla by their side,

Still hoping to Culp corruption.

Then, the gorillas groaned again,

And the monkeys moaned,

As the Gorilla got crazed,

Crazed by the oil and the gas,

Hiking prices at will,

To satisfy his friends,

But to the masses what does he offer?

Monetization and privatization,

Deregulation and derivation,

And as a nation what do we get?

Instability and uncertainty,

Deplorable roads and parlous healthcare system,

Staccato power supply and gasping educational sector,

The giant of Africa, as the cave is known,

Is gradually going to its grave.

What “God” got us this gorilla?

There’s so much terror in his tenure,

The masses are frustratingly vexed,

As grieve grip the nation,

The galaxy of oil and gas,

Crumbled in cacophony,

The congress got crazy,

Since they laboured for the Gorilla,

And are still laid to the grass,

They cried and went on strike,

Hoping to move the Gorilla,

But all they see is an adamant monument,

And on it inscribed, “I dey kampe.”

Where do we go from here?

When the dogged Gorilla meant hell,

Working on the congress to rule on,

Will God get us out of his hold,

And walk this gorilla back to his hole,

Author's Notes/Comments: 

'....a country called "Nigeria"and a leader called...'"i dey kampe" means I am immovable.

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prboggs's picture

Very true for Nigeria, and mirrors the present USA! What a price we all must pay for greed the father of the love of money... Very well put... I love this one...

Always love unconditionally without reason, and may you give without taking. Abundant Love, Peace, Hugs, Kisses, Joy, and most of all Faith are yours!!!

Pauletta Ruby Boggs