Stained in blood,

Pierced with nails,

Crowned with thorns,

Washed in spit,

Marked with stripes,

Fed with vinegar.

Cut off from the living,

Killed among the thieves,

Caused to die,

Like a criminal,

Without a defense,

Man of sorrow.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

His sorrow was to get you some peace

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prboggs's picture

All for the remissions of our sins, and for us to have life more aboundantly. HE did not have to do it, but HE did....

Always love unconditionally without reason, and may you give without taking. Abundant Love, Peace, Hugs, Kisses, Joy, and most of all Faith are yours!!!

Pauletta Ruby Boggs

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

this is definitely about Christ