The mammary twin, two but one,

Silhouetted conically on a fleshy wall,

Like a round-molded jug.

Hanging slightly down,

As if watching the body,

The huge body holding them together,

At an acute angle.

A concave upper surface,

With a convex lower surface,

The mammary twin, one but two,

The great identical twin,

Both marked by the bulge areola

Propelled by  two;

The duo of oestrogen and progesterone,

Feeding the baby, and thrilling the man.

Exciting the mother, pointing to onlookers

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometime we wonderful benefits more from the twin: the Woman, the man or the child. Whatever, the woman's breast is a blessing to mankind, so take care of it, and pray for some women you know who struggle with breast cancer.

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Mohamad Shaifulbahri's picture

A very interesting poem that captured my thoughts and imagination at that...hehehe...

prboggs's picture

Very accurately observed! Beautifully put!

Always love unconditionally without reason, and may you give without taking. Abundant Love, Peace, Hugs, Kisses, Joy, and most of all Faith are yours!!!

Pauletta Ruby Boggs

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

acute detail hmmm very observent man, I like this piece