I did not meet you across the street..

at a resturaunt we did not meet..

I did not meet you,when groceries I went to get...

no, I met you on the internet..

I sat in front of my computer one night..

my heart was sad,I felt alone..

and then on my ID  you came along...

you said, I will be your friend, please allow me so..

I will sit with you,we will talk and you will know..

I will be your friend,and so you were the best..

even though we are many miles apart..

you will always be in my heart..

a better friend I have never met..

even though I have not hugged you yet..

Myke I will never forget you..

I hope you will always remember me too!

I will always love you so..

I will never forget I want you to know!

I will always love you Myke!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is writtne by Shelby, for me.  I quite appreciate the friendship we share.

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prboggs's picture

I love the spelling of your name!

Always love unconditionally without reason, and may you give without taking. Abundant Love, Peace, Hugs, Kisses, Joy, and most of all Faith are yours!!!

Pauletta Ruby Boggs

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I think its wonderful