I’ll Wait For You

You’re the hope in all this darkness
A light that shines right through
Calming all my madness
I owe it all to you

Now we are apart
Everything is clouded in uncertainty
My love will not depart
A promise that will always be

Our past have been unkind
The present is a pain
Our destinies entwined
In the future will meet again

And someday soon I will hold you
Everyday it’s getting nearer
Life would be so much better and it’s true
I’ll wait for you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A simple poem I made for my pumpkin...
I miss you so much Liz...

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You are skilled.

You are skilled.

mcillancadfish's picture

Thanks Bro:)

Thanks for taking the time to read my poem:)

emphasis's picture

very nice

distance really sucks...
very nice read honey!!

** smile for me!!**

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but yup...distance sucks:|