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I am
In my reach
Softly caress to calm and satisfy whatever calls for my affection
Forcefully stretch to touch on things such as beautiful aspiration
Strongly choke to destroy and conquer the fear that hurts my ambition
Quietly retract when aware of what’s not there because of a certain situation

I am
In my eyes
Gaze with ease into whatever emotion that my status fixes on as clear and bold
Luster like a star to protect the secrets my insides darkly hold
Smile at the ones who want to see, but cant see that warm is actually cold
Empathize with the ones who have similar stories kept hidden away untold

I am
In my voice
Talk without words that render my being selfish and bitterly vicious
Sound of calm yet stern to understand, do not confuse my kindness for weakness
Sing with a laughter when the excitement is honest and gracefully real with flawless
Respond to matters as they are with no regret, because regret can leave a person lifeless

I am
In my walk
Glide with a poise that blissfully whispers a woman who is strong
Strut my curves like a lady should as if walking to the beat of a song
Stomp on words and actions that hurt, any form of abuse is just wrong
Lazily stroll taking in the breath of a day that seems to be going on too long

I am
In my ways
Value to listen with full alertness, even ignorance has something to say
Respect myself to the up most, if you want my goodies love is the only way
Stand up for what I believe in to strengthen my courage and faith
Enjoy what I have and take things slowly, step by step, and day by day

In my touch, in my actions
In my style, in my glare
In my lips, in my passions
I am

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uhhhh?? really?? okay... well Im an inny

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