Parody Of A Busy Man

I wish I could fly

A bird in the sky

Free to be in love

Like a pigeon or dove

Yet now in a cage

A Prisoner of the stage

An artist that has lost

The courage to cut loose

I’m tied to my profession

Been married to the depression

I want to break free

Have a cup of tea

Tomorrow I will wake up

Again in my lonely top

So many things left undone

Time will soon be none

Everyday is always the same

Can’t argue, nobody to blame

Someday though things will change

Making my life very strange!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes I feel like I'm just fed up with my everyday routine, I want to do something else but I can't! I have to work!!!

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Blind Mans Pawn's picture

I think it's natural to want to break the routine, what you need to do is find a way to break it outside of your working hours.
anyways enough with the advice back to the poetry. I think this poem is really good though a few of the rhymes you've used seem to have been forced, though I think we're nearly all guilty of that on occashion. overall though it's good and I urge you to keep writting, you have alot of good in your writting, keep it up.