Confused is the word I describe myself now

Haven’t found the answer too profound

Searching so long, did not went too far

My question remain bitter and sour

How would you depict a restless man?

Is it by being with him, knowing you can?

For theory alone may not be enough

Papers and books are insufficient stuff

Will life be better for me tomorrow?

Will I be happy, contented, and away from sorrow?

Nobody knows, except me and I

For I hold the key, never say die!

And never give up, no I just cannot

I won’t be defeated by this devious plot

I must not succumb, without a doubt

I will never take the easy way out

If ever I find the answer to the question in mind

Contradicting the beliefs of the humankind

Or even if I don’t, none was the outcome

I believe my journey has led me more to gain wisdom

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem when I was feeling down and everything was just so confusing that I almost gave up hope.

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Excellent work....