The Moon Behind Bars

The moon behind bars

Laterally crossed

A sky devoid of stars

A wealth of wishes now lost

A hostile horizon, a severe line of sight

That does not go on forever

But gives way to the night

A black velvet ceiling

It muffles all sound

And lowers the altitude

For birds flying around

An aura of oppression

The weight of clouds overhead

Pressing over downward

As the sun sinks, a ball of red

It will all change tomorrow

When levity is reclaimed

After gravity has done its work

And aspirant stars have been maimed

Then light will unravel

In billows and folds

And black will be replaced

By peaches, corals, and golds

And birds will fly out

Into skies that never end

And all apologies will go out

To the broken spirits’ godsend

And all the stars that fell down

Will help the flowers to mend.

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