Earth's Cry

I am the fullness of the earth

Warm throbbing heart

Embedded beneath cool solid soil

I am that which propitiates all life

Support under pedestrian beings

Providence for all consumers

Nourishment is my gift to my children

Nothing can take away from me

My death begets new life

I am regenerative in the face of decomposition

But you must respect not my expendability,

For you know I am mother of creation Herself,

Respect instead the gifts I have provided,

My compassion,

And use them for the benefit of all.

By, taking more than you need

You would be depriving yourself in the future

Of that which I have freely given.

Revere me, the earth, your final mother,

Your lover and co-creator.

Rejoice in the fecundity of the land

Life cannot dominate me

I am the fulcrum of life itself

The origins of interdependence.

I have all the elements at my defense.

Do not trap yourselves in structures you build.

You belong to me and I unto you,

All Creation, all that lives or supports life.

Earth, thou possesseth God's own material,

An artist of lives.

Creation springs forth to meet the

Challenge of the morn.

Earth thou art my battlefield,

Earth thou art my shrine,

Earth thou art both the obstacle and

Refuge of your forlorn.

Divine thou art in Earth,

Earth thou art in me,

Divine thou art in each of us

Spirit of all embodied in Earth,

Forever your Spirit will be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

We can't own land because we depend on it.  The land owns us until we live with its natural rhythms, not against them.

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

this is an excellent poem and I totally agree!