The Expedience of Restless Feelings

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Sometimes it seems like I’m waiting for tomorrow,

then tomorrow turns out to be another today.

Sometimes I get this feeling that I need to be somewhere else,

and I’d head there right now if I only knew the way.

It’s like I took a wrong turn on the road somewhere

and the place I landed is a place I just can’t stay.

And I need something fast to make me feel okay.

Sometimes I get this feeling deep down in my gut

that my gut knows exactly where I’m supposed to be.

But my gut can’t seem to communicate with my brain

or with any other of these parts inside of me.

Sometimes I just can’t think in the present tense

But the future’s just way too blurry to see.

And I’ve spent too much time in the past already.

As I stared in the dark at the fireflies short glow

my heart jumped up and just started racing.

I think that maybe I should go for a long walk right now

but I feel that walk would just turn into pacing.

There are too many paths that need to be written,

and one or two out there that probably need erasing.

Maybe I should try to figure out which dream of mine needs chasing.

When restlessness struts it’s way into my life

things can start to feel like they’re kind of unsure.

And it’s hard to get back to that place in the road

where your mind, heart, and spirit feel like they’re pure.  

And no matter how much is going on all around you

You feel like you have to have more, more, more.

I guess I need to go out and search for a cure

for the expedience of restless feelings.

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mind heart spirit. I call this a quest worth pursuing. Cool writings ~A~