I Broke My Arm, You Broke My Heart


I broke my arm, you broke my heart.

Can you guess which one hurts more?

My heart feels like it's in a million pieces.    

My arm just feels a bit sore.

You can't put a cast over my heart

to try to help my poor heart heal.

If you said you'd stay with me if I broke the other arm

I'd think that was a pretty good deal.

I broke my arm, you broke my heart.  

Now I'm suffering two kinds of pain.

Wondering if any of the hurt will go away  

and if my love was really in vain.

Everyone can see that my arm is broken,

But no one can see my heart.

If you were to take an X-ray right now

you'd see how it was all torn apart.  

Maybe I can forget how much I love you

when the pain medication kicks in.

But I'll just sit here staring into space,

thinking about you until then.

I broke my arm, you broke my heart.

You'd think this would make me more tough.

I want to be with you and love you right now

because I think that I've suffered enough.

I'll guess I'll be hurting for quite some time.

It's seems that I wasn't too smart.

Because in just one day I had two tragedies,

I broke my arm, you broke my heart.

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Mel Mar's picture

i really liked that poem...it waz awesome...and it shows the truth of how much love hurts...therez physical pain, and therez emotional pain...emotional pain hurts more, and sometimes dosn't even heal...good poem

Meg *'s picture

Wow , this is a good poem, I can really relate to these words. Good job

darkangel358's picture

Hey, great new poem. I know what you mean... no one can see the battered & bruised heart. Keep writing & keep the faith.