Too Far Away

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Just to hear your voice

would make me feel so good.

But I have no choice.

I'd be with you if I could.

You're too far away.

And I'm here all alone.

I'd do anything

just to hear you on the phone.

In my house right now,

there's just too much noise.

I want it all to be replaced

by the sound of your voice.  

Just to hold you close

would make me feel complete.

To touch your lips, your nose,

your hands, your shoulders, and your feet.

You're too far away.

And I want you by my side.

I'll give you one hundred kisses

for every single tear you've cried.

Things have not felt right,

but that's the way life goes.

And all the problems would vanish,

If I could hold you close.

Just to be with you

would make my life so great.

But it seems all we can do

is just pass the time and wait.

You're too far away.

But you still have my heart.

So we have to make love

from over 50 miles apart.

Now I'm sitting here

without a whole lot to do.

And I'd just be so happy

If I could just be with you.

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darkangel358's picture

Great new poem, I really enjoyed it, & I can understand & relate to how you are feeling. Hope things are better for you soon. Take care, keep writing & keep the faith.