Poker Face


I feel like absolute hell because I can't talk to you.

I want to just die, I don't think I'll make it through.

But I have to carry on with my life the best that I can.

Pretend I'm not hurting, pretend I'm not such a broken man.

I'd do anything for just a minute of your embrace.

But instead I have to go through life with this poker face.

I'm holding my emotions inside so I don't cry.

I'm trying to look like everything's okay, but that's such a lie.

I'm trying real hard to refrain from punching a wall.

I'm trying to look like I did before my life took this fall.

I'm trying to deal with these feelings I need to erase.

And I'm trying to go through life with this poker face.

I love you so much you're all I can think about.

Now my head's so messed up, I can't figure anything out.

But I still have to work, and still have to be a dad.

I still have to live, even though I feel so damn bad.

Without you around I'm a total basket case.

And I have to go through life with this poker face.

You're everything I've ever wanted and so much more.

You are the one woman that I truly adore.

Without you, my life just isn't right at all.

So I'm sitting here staring at the phone, praying you'll call.

Without you around I feel like everything's out of place.

But I have to go through life with this poker face.

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Sarah Jordan's picture

WOW.... thats really all i can actually say... no im just playin'... you are an excilent writer, and have this unique way of putting all of what you are feeling into what you write, that is something i envy, im sure alot of other people do too... but this envy i speak upon isnt a bad just means that you shine brightly in the scheam of things... and i wish i had your talent and your glow.... I hope you keep writting, and i hope to see some of your new work....