Last Love Letter (For Now)


I feel like I've been shot in the face.

I feel like I've been run over by a train.

I feel like I've been left outside.

Left out for days in the rain.

I feel like I've been stuck out in the cold

until my whole body turned blue.

I feel all of these ways

and it's all due to you.

Because I truly believed in you

when I believed in no one else.

So now I'm angry for believing.

Yes, I'm angry at myself.

Trust just doesn't come easy for me.

But I handed it to you.

And maybe I shouldn't have done that.

Maybe it was a dumb thing to do.

But all those feelings I had for you,

I've never had those before.

And the feelings that I have right now

I don't want anymore.

Because you were something special.

You were and you still are.

Like the most beautiful rainbow ever.

Or the sky's brightest star.

But the stars aren't our possessions.

And the rainbows fade away.

And it's going to be a long time

before I start to feel okay.

Just never lose touch with me.

Keep some kind of connection.

If your life goes off course

you can call me for direction.

And I'll be there when you need me.

I promise that will never end.

You may have lost me as a lover.

But you've won me as a friend.

And friends really don't come easy.

At least not friendship like this.

And maybe some time in the future

our lips will meet again in a kiss.

And we'll realize we never finished.

And we won't really know just why.

And maybe we'll both think it's a good thing

to give it just one more try.

And maybe that try will work out.

Maybe it'll be different then.

And maybe we can forget all this pain

and start all over again.

But even if that never happens,

If we don't live as a pair,

I still think you're a great person.

And I always will care.

Your happiness is still important to me.

I'm for real here, not pretend.

Because our love will continue

even if our relationship ends.

Because true love is unconditional.

You can't turn it off and on.

So remember that I love you

even though you are gone.

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Melissa Kraemer's picture

great job, such a great ending to a meaningful writing. keep it up :)