Be With Me Soon


I know you're going through some really hard times.

I know you're hurting and it makes me hurt too.    

I want to be the one to make you feel good again.

I don't want anything to happen to you.

I want to be your lover.

I want to be your best friend.

I want to make you happy.

I want you and me to never end.

I want to spend hours and hours staring into your eyes.

I want to run my fingers through every inch of your hair.

I want to hold you and never let you go.

But now you're hurting and I can't even be there.  

I pray to God you're okay tonight.

I pray that you'll be with me sometime soon.

I told my guardian angel to guard you tonight instead,  

and I'll just stay alone unguarded in my room.

And anyone else who's watching over me.

I send each and every one of them to you.  

To stand around you and make a barricade

so not a single bit of pain can get through.

Because you mean so damn much to me.

I haven't heard from you since Thursday around noon.  

I love you so damn much it seems like I can't think.

I hope and pray you'll be with me soon.                

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Elizabeth Erudite's picture

A poem that brought tears... hope your love came back to you.