My America


Here's to the rock and roll rebels.

To their energy and their style.

Here's to the lovers of life.

Those that still know how to smile.

Here's to the working class heroes.

Every hard working girl and guy.

And here's to the folks from the backwoods

who struggle each day to get by.

Here's to the hip-hop culture,  

to the Goths and the Delta bluesmen.

Here's to the lovers, the loners,

and those who'll never love again.

Here's to the punks and the metalheads.

And here's to the rastaman.

Here's to the poets, the philosophers,

and all those who give a damn.

Here's to all the immigrants,

no matter where they came from.

Here's to the dreamer, the free thinker,

the welfare mom and the bum.

Here's to the Native Americans

who've been through way to much.

Here's to the hippies, the folkies,

all the gen-x'ers and such.

Here's to the mystics, and all of the geeks.

Here's to the outcasts, and here's to the freaks.

Here's to every farmer out there

who's ever planted, reaped, or sowed.

And here's to those who've been challenged

but won't let their personal morals erode.

Here's to the single parents,

and to every daughter and son.

Here's to all the protesters

and to everything that they've done.

Here's to the folks from the inner city.

And to those that are in the suburbs.

Those that live in their little pink houses,

and those that live on the curbs.

Here's to those that are sick.

And here's to those who've stayed well.

And to every victim of circumstance

still locked up in a cell.

Here's to those in the country.

And here's to those in the city.

And here's to everyone who's ever

had the guts to stand up to authority.

Here's to those in the unions.

And here's to me and you.

If we all just got together

just think about what we could do.

Because my America is not the lying politician

or the greedy corporation.

My America is something much better.

It's you, me, and all that we've done.

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beautiful poems.