Line in a Poem


Normal just isn't normal.

And right isn't right at all.

Ordinary just isn't ordinary.

And I don't seem to fit in.

I'm like a penguin in the desert.  

Like a butterfly on the moon.

Like a panther in the suburbs.

Like a drop of rain in a drought.

I know my way but my way must be traveled alone.

Then sometimes a line in a poem

or a verse in a song

can jump right out and grab me by the throat

and send chills down my spine

and tear at my heart

and make me fall in love with somebody

like Ani, Dar, or Tracey,

or some anonymous poster somewhere on the internet.

Somewhere between the world I call home

and the world we call heaven.

Somewhere between nirvana and the bible belt.

And for a shimmering moment

a few simple words

can cause the loner in me to disappear.

And my soul reaches out and connects

with another beautiful soul.

And paradise becomes reality.

And God can be seen in every tear of happiness

that flows down the cheek of a soul that's been satisfied.

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darkangel358's picture

This poem is amazing & I can completely relate to it. It is so beautiful in my perspective.... It's like you know me. I guess that sounds weird. But it's really awesome. This is my favorite of yours yet. Keep writing!