Feelings Vanish


I think back to someone I loved a long time ago.

What's she doing now? I don't even know.

I think back in time to how much love we felt.

But feelings vanish.

I guess it's normal that feelings vanish.

I've felt joy, felt sadness, felt hatred, and sometimes felt trust.

Felt stupid, felt good, felt love, and of course, felt lust.

Felt just about every way you could ever possibly feel.

But feelings vanish.

No matter what they are the feelings vanish.

But you said your love for me would never die.

You said we'd be together forever, you and I.

You said you never felt anything so strong, so long.

But feelings vanish.

I don't know how but all those feelings vanish.

You broke my heart and I never have hurt this bad.

Feel like I've lost everything I've ever had.

Feel like I won't even make it through the day, today.

But feelings vanish.

I pray to God these feelings vanish.

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~Bev ~'s picture

awesome! Your poems are really good!