You never thought you'd make it this far    

with no one by your side.

You never thought you'd have to give in

and swallow all your pride.

It's hard to see the future

when you're not happy with the past.

And it's hard to see a happy ending

when nothing seems to last.

Your life at this point seems to really be a mess.


Sometimes it's not too hard to do,

getting in touch with yourself.

Sometimes it feels like there's no way

You'll ever trust anyone else.

Sometimes that's a good thing.

It can start to help you grow.

Sometimes it's a bad thing.

But that's what's hard to know.

Sometimes it can really seem to cause a lot of stress

and loneliness.

You look for someone special

but it has to be someone that fits.

Because sometimes things look special

but they'll blow your world to bits.

You've lived it many times

but you've never had it right.

Surely someone somewhere

can help you through the night.

You dream about a helping hand with a slow soft caress.


The spirits are all at work.

The angels are all on your side.

Come out and watch the world spin,

Don't run away and hide.

You can learn about forgiveness.

You can learn about your mind.

You can even take advantage

of all the things you find.

You can learn the reason why it seems like you obsess,

on loneliness.

It's time to make a change.

The stars are all in place.

The future will be different

but the past can't be erased.

I hope you've learned your lessons

and I hope you've learned them well.

I hope you never have to spend another moment in hell.

I hope you never again have to deal with distress,

or loneliness.

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darkangel358's picture

Hey, this is really a great poem. I for one know a little about loneliness & this is beautiful on many levels & has great description. Awesome work. Keep writing.