Eva Kathleen


If I could stay with you til hell freezes over,

I'd be keeping it hot.

And if you said you'd be mine the day the rivers ran dry,

I'd sure be drinking a lot.

If your love was something I could buy

I'd hock everything I've got.

And if you think I'd ever leave you then just

drop those thoughts, I'm not.

Love comes in strange ways,

and this is the strangest I've ever seen.

Eva Kathleen.

Whenever I'm far away from your arms

my life is really rough.

And if I could make love to you day and night

it still wouldn't be enough.

If you told me to jump I'd ask how high.

If you said to get lost I think I'd die.

I want your mind, your soul, your body,

and everything in between.

Eva Kathleen.

And I'd taste your love anytime anywhere.

Yes you know that you are the queen.

Eva Kathleen

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lovely poem .