Twenty Four Hours of Enlightenment


A girl from West Texas brought me enlightenment one day.

And so I lived in a world where everyone and everything was perfect.

For 24 hours, no matter how anyone looked or acted,

they looked and acted exactly right.

And I drove to South Arkansas that day

just gazing out at all this perfection

in a state of bliss unknown to most people on this planet.

And that girl in West Texas has no idea the joy she brought me.

So I hope my soul can someday leap out

and find her soul just to say ‘thanks.’

And then my soul’s purpose is to find another soul

dwelling in another part of the world.

Someone who struggles, who cares, who loves

but lives in a state of hurt.

And my soul will take that gift of enlightenment

and pass it on.

And that struggling soul will then experience

 this world where everything is perfect.

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Full Circle

Pass it on. Nice.