You show me love..

You show me love..I feel you too..I want to give it..back to you..

This is the way..I can say..for you my make my day..

You are so make me have it all..its your groove..

Your such a my mind..I think of you..I just shine..

Look in your eyes..deep in your soul..with your love.. you make me bold..

Your lips are soft..ooh so wet..I kiss you there..on your neck..

To hold you close..feel your breath..taste your lips..I must confess..

You have the heat..that turns me on..could give you love..all night long..

I want to feel..your breast and then..suck on the end..

I let you head you I move down..upon my knees..

To kiss you there..Im always are so soft..and hot, I dare..

I lay you back..your look is open up..your knees above..

Im into you..your taste is hold me is complete..

I dont let sing your hear you sing..just turns me on..

I feel your spread out wide..Im into tongue inside..

You feel me too..its what I just let go..I see it through..

I take it you my friend..give you a taste..its not a sin..

You make the jus lay back..I lay on top..I dont stop..

I get behind are so put me in..Im not thin..

You flow your love..all over is so just seeps..

The song you sing..I sing one to..I give you love..that will break through..

I hold and kiss you..tight you just let go..I set you free..

To see your face..of love, for me..I cant hold back..I let it be..

You take it all..of me you see..Im in you deep..we both seep..

I fill you up..with all of feel so let me be..

Your loves so warm and true..I hold it there..inside of you..

I cant hold back..with you, you is your love..that sets me free..

I let you feel it go..I pull you back..I never slack..

I sing my song..for you, you feel it through..and you sing too..

Im into you..thats what I do..I have to love to you..

For you my friend..its thanks love for is so true..

For I need you..and your love too..this is my way..of loving you..  


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Robin Parham's picture

That was hot! Very well done!