You are my friend..

You are the friend..I love so is your love..and your touch..

I miss you so..the love you show..because, I love you..I'll let you go..

It is your face..and heart have the love, so hard to find..

You are my love you so..I think of you..I wont be blue..

For when the out to shine..I think of life is kind..

The moon comes up..and it shines too..I jus look up..and think of you..

I think of night in bed..jus before..I lay my head..

I picture you..inside my mind..its your love..thats hard to find..

I dream to kiss you..hold you tight..and give you love..from up above..

I want to give you all of me..I have the set you free..

I just miss you..thats no lie..I'll hold my love..I will get by..

You are my the end..remember me..and you will see..

This here hard to find..this is a love..that is the kind..

Thats rare and true..for you and me..this is the should be..

Take care my friend..Im thinking of you..I care for know its true..

I love you fly away..and bring your love..another day..

Im here for you..your here for love for you..will always be..

I dream to love you..down and put my love..deep in your core..

It is your beauty..your sweetness too..take my love..deep in you..

It will be warm..for you love for you..will never hide..

Just hold on me you see..give your it should be..

Warm and true..all of you..just wrap me up..while Im in you..

My love will spill..for you, you see..give it all..all to me..

You are my love I make me make me grin..

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