10:28 pm


Sometimes I can�t share it with you right away.

Sometimes it is still too fresh.

Sometimes it is still to raw.

Sometimes it is still to close to the surface.

Sometimes I am afraid to admit I am that weak.

Sometimes I just want you to hold me while I pour my heart out.

Sometimes I drift back into not trusting.

Sometimes I am still to vulnerable.

Sometimes I just need something of yours.

Sometimes I want to show you every part of me.

Sometimes I want to find the parts I don�t know.

Sometimes I am just too afraid.

Sometimes I need you to take it from me.

Sometimes I need you to push me.

Sometimes I need you to shove me off of the cliff.

Sometimes I need you to reel me back in.

Sometimes I don�t need anything.

Sometimes I just need to think.

Sometimes always sometimes, something.

But always with you.

You are my everything.

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Jen Sopher's picture

sometimes it might still be too raw.....but your writing always says it all and it is all too vivid.