"My remedy!"

wIth obstacles,

i see me surrounded,

with hazy nights~

my eyes are blinded!

broken dreams,

eyes filled with tears,

with pains my inside,

was fully crowded!

my dreams are empty~

I mIss him,

i miss him,

that shadow left me!

I mIss those dreams,

I miss you~

and i miss me!

sliver of love~

in my heart!

killing my dove~

from its start!

my dreams are empty,

sleeplessly flIrtIng,

i love him,

i love him,

without him near me~

its a tragedy!

I'm ill~

I'm killed~

and he's my remedy!

I'm aching~

I'm shaking~

with remorse~

I'm breaking~

while he's UNHEEDY!

The end!


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